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Unfortunately, Barcelona is very easy to spoil your holiday, hitting a miserable situation for tourists, when you are robbed. To lose more than money, and credit cards with a passport, this situation can not only break your vacation, but also become a long saga between the consulate and the police, what, except for lost things, It deprives you of even a plurality of nerve cells.

We want to give you a few tips, in order to make your stay in Barcelona was no such trouble. I do not want anybody to intimidate, because it is actually very safe in Barcelona, You can safely walk in the later time, no one will show you the power of aggression and attempt to steal your property. You just need to always be alert and not to create situations, in which you become easy prey.

In Barcelona, ​​it is strictly forbidden:

- Wear your phone in a purse and external pockets of clothing or backpack behind. trust, Barcelona pickpockets real professionals. You will not even notice, they pull out things from pockets or backpack. It is best to leave the passports, large amounts of money and important documents in a hotel or apartment, where will you live, and everything else to wear in the inner pockets or purse, you will not be left unattended. If you do not want to walk without documents, advised to carry a copy of the passport, rather than the original.

- Along with the rest of the crowd of tourists on the boulevard Las Ramblas, watching the various street shows. Right here, in crowd, wielded by pickpockets. And you do not have time to blink, they will pull out of your bag or clothes most valuable. Remember, in public places, where many tourists, always "work" thieves.

- Lay the bag behind his back on Barcelona's beaches and views of the sea. Keep things in sight. Otherwise, the thief quietly sneak up from behind and at times the two disappear with your bags. If you approach the beach to the strange characters in the guise of half-drunk tourists, keep things under control, most likely it fraudsters. As a whole, try to avoid contact with strangers, that without an explicit reason suited to you.

- Leave on the table in the terrace, in bars or cafes bag, phone or camera unattended. The bag is always better to hold your hand or just primotat to handle stool. If she would lie just, chances, that will sweep away the bike and with it. Cameras try to carry in a bag and take only when needed. And late night walks does not advise to take an expensive photo equipment. At the heart of a gypsy boss, which are suitable to beg and quietly steal your phone or wallet from the table.

- If you have bikes, Always use strong locks and do not leave them unattended for a long time. Bicycles in Barcelona is constantly stealing, and if it is not to steal, remove the wheel and spun back. Do not leave them on the street at night without supervision.

- In Barcelona look better easier. Bags of Louis Vuitton, dorogie Roleksy, an abundance of gold jewelry, all this attracts the thief as a magnet. You do not have to know everything, how much you are rich and cool.

- If you go on a bender for bars, in the yard the night and you're drunk, better ask the bartender to order you a taxi and calm sleep Ride. Walking in such a state of Barcelona can cost you a wallet and documents.

If you still robbed in Barcelona, you should immediately go to the police station (Comisaria de Mossos), to apply. Telephones - 088 or 112. In addition to Spanish, you will be able to talk in English, German and French. You will need to dictate their personal details and explain, what has happened and where you are, the police arrive on the scene of the crime. Another variant, it is you yourself go to the nearest police station and file a complaint about, that you have been robbed. When, if you have stolen documents, it gives a chance, that they will find and call you. Be patient, hours in police 2-3 you can just wait your turn.

Police Station in Barcelona by districts.

If you have lost passport, I need to go to the police with a statement on their hands in the Russian Consulate and ask for help to return to Russia. Consulate Website.

Telephones for emergency communications - +34 647 574 539 or +34 609 306 346

Address: Avenida Pearson, 34 (cm. map at the bottom of the article).

Getting there by public transport: Metro station María Cristina, further bus 63 to stop Av.D'Espulgues-Abadessa Olzet or Metro Zona Universitaria, further minibus 113 до остановки Off. Pearson-Arnus Gari.

Schedule of reception of visitors:

C Monday to Friday 10-00 to 13-00

You should have a certified copy of the statement to the police, Russian passport and a notarized copy, and two photos 3,5 x 4,5 cm.

If you do not have any documents, proving your identity, the Embassy you have to go two people, who can attest to your Russian citizenship. At the same time your so-called "alibi" need to bring a passport, and ideally - and even copies or originals of Russian. Otherwise it is necessary to call Russia a friend and ask to send a mail or fax a copy of your passport and keep reassuring him by the notary.

Issue a certificate of return in Russia on the day the citizen. The validity of the certificate of return in Russia - two weeks. I.e, leave Spain and enter Russia you will need a period of two weeks from the date of its receipt. Besides, if you had to use a certificate of return to their homeland, better to buy tickets for direct flights. As practice shows, as often happens, that the transit flight transplant country refuses to let into the passenger plane.

Phone: 112 - police phone
Working hours: Reception at the Russian Consulate, Monday to Friday 10-00 to 13-00.

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