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Having decided to celebrate wedding in Barcelona, you make the right choice, this is a very romantic city, which is fraught with a lot of love legends. In Barcelona offers beautiful beaches, gourmet cooking, cheerful and very relaxed atmosphere. It seems, that in this city every day a holiday, people around smile and enjoy life. And besides there is always sunny weather, which allows to combine the celebration with the rest by the sea.

Company Happy in Spain offers to celebrate the most important and the most romantic event of your life passionately and sincerely, as is customary in Spain. We have a luxurious manor house near Barcelona. Spacious house with stone walls start 18 century just 20 km from the sea, which are located around the beautiful gardens with a swimming pool and gazebo for the ceremony. Here we can accommodate you, your close relatives and friends.

We take the lead in organizing the transfer to the estate, placing all guests, holiday decorations, incidental music, photo and video shooting, as well as catering at the highest level. The best Catalan specialties, seafood, snacks and wine on your wedding table.

The next day, after the main celebrations, we'll have a walk and stand on a sailboat anchored in one of the most beautiful bays of the Costa Brava.

We will help you with the choice of the bride's wedding dress, because Barcelona is famous for its exceptional selection of wedding dresses at affordable prices. Selecting the original wedding cake, the bride's bouquet, Our team of rings and other details too ready to assume. English-speaking stylist and makeup artist. In addition to the estate we have a large selection of other sites for the ceremony, we can choose according to your budget.

Marriage - is the highest manifestation of love, loyalty and desire to be together with your closest person. Our main goal - to make, to you cried from happiness, remembering this day after many years, all with the same tenderness, holding the hand of your chosen.

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