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Your Position force for wine lovers lurking in the two-hour drive from Barcelona. The Priory has everything, that is necessary for happiness: nature, story, products of the highest quality, Broad as well as the proposal on wine tourism. Be sure to try the local olive oil, nuts, cheese, figs and other pleasures of gourmet.

monks, that 800 years ago, the first grapes were grown here, It marked the beginning of the wine-making tradition, but the Spaniards during the numerous wars and disasters, which were rich in the Middle Ages, it lost. Priory to the beginning of the XX century was a godforsaken place, where a few farmers with their donkeys lived modestly. The momentum of the region was in the 60s, when winemaking was reborn again. In the 1980s, there was an investment boom - pouring money into the region, who made the Priory a highly developed agricultural region and a mecca for fans enoturizma.

volcanic slate, which consist of hot slopes Priory, It gives local wine unique flavors. Due to the dry climate of the old vine roots in search of moisture penetrates the soil to a few tens of meters, saturating minerals grapes. Performance vines are extremely low: in the Priory think of as, rather than the amount, their wines are the most dense, tart, full-bodied, with a variety of fruit flavor. These wines are so rich in taste, that even the famous Spanish Rioja after they perceived as easy, boring wine.

In our 2000 year Priorat region has received the right to mark DOC - the highest category in the system of classification of Spanish wines, is now in the elite list of only two: Rioja and Priorat. On the higher positions more items of this region in the year of Parker's rating of the year. Most of the wine produced DO Priorat, about 80% is exported. Its main market - is the US, Switzerland and other European countries.

Villages "pueblos", which wineries are entitled to glue labels with DOQ Priorat:

Бельмун-дель-Приорат (Bellmunt), Гратайопс (Gratallops), Эль-Йоар (the praise), El Molar (El Molar), La Vileyya-Basha (La Vilella Baixa), La Wiley Alta (La Vilella Alta), Rock-dei (Scala Dei), La Morera de Monsanto (La Morera de Montsant), Поболеда (winemaking), Torroža del Priorat (Torroja del Priorat), Поррера (Porrera). The total population does not exceed the listed Pueblo 3.000 guests.

Administrative district center - the city of Falset (Falset), it lies outside the Priorat wine, but very picturesque, therefore we recommend to take a walk here between visits cellar. Also very beautiful town of Siurana (Siurana), Located on the ridge of the mountain, there are several hotels and restaurants of excellent.

To get to the Priory of Barcelona is very simple: you have to go in the direction of Tarragona, then leave right on Reus, and from Reus at the N-240 highway to head for Falset. After that, everything depends on the travel plan, but the total length of the road is unlikely to exceed 150 kilometers.

Company Happy in Spain organizes wine tours in the Priorat region. More HERE.

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The best time of year to visit this region - from July to October


Company Happy in Spain organizes wine tours in the Priorat region

Wine tour in the region Priorat We will pick you up from your hotel

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