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Name Teahouse Caj Chai pronounced "chai tea", the owners were inspired by bohemian tearoom Prague and opened in the heart of the Gothic Quarter institution, which many consider the best in this area in the whole of Spain.

There are about one hundred and forty types of tea from China, Nepal, India, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Morocco and even Afghanistan and Rwanda. Prices from 2,5 € and up, the most rare and seasoned varieties may cost about 7 euros for tea. This place for true connoisseurs, those wishing to spend a tea ceremony by all the rules of Zen, slowly enjoy the scents and flavors of different types of this wonderful drink. Tradition tea ceremony originated in the Buddhist monasteries of Asia, where monks drank tea as a cure and to improve the process of meditation. It is believed, that tea helps to balance the body, mind and soul.

Inside, Caj Chai, based on Ayurvedic knowledge, you can try or buy those kinds of tea, that suit your dosha. proved, that every kind of tea affects us in a unique way, tea leaves, collected wet autumn at the foot of the Himalayas, They have special properties, which you will be happy to tell in Caj Chai.

Puer Connoisseurs will find about 30 different varieties of this invigorating drink, Puer including chocolate and rare species with a long exposure. In addition to dozens of species of green, black and white, there are different kinds of herbal tea, Indian masala, rooibos etc. Sweet tea serves traditional Japanese urine, Indian and Arabic sweets, brownie, various domestic cakes and mixtures of dried fruits.

Inside, tasting the latest charges, seminars on introduction to the world of tea, and there is a shop, where you can buy tea with them and various accessories for tea ceremonies, made by hand. The most expensive "vintage" varieties with 30-year old endurance cost about 70 € per hundred grams. The site has an online store.

20150730 Puerh Teas Vicky Wasik 9
Average check: €€€
Address: Calle Santo Domingo Call 12
Metro station: Liceu, Jaume I
Phone: +34 933 019 592
Working hours: Monday from 15-00 to 22-00, from Tuesday to Sunday 10-30 to 22-00

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