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Few people know that the temple of the Sagrada Familia has a mysterious younger sister, lost among hills and vineyards near the town of Tarragona. This unknown beauty, though not gathers crowds of tourists, but its charm is not inferior to the older shrine, because it has built in 1925 , one of the most devoted disciples of Antoni Gaudi.

Montferrier Sanctuary is located in the eponymous town in 30 km of Tarragona and one hour from Barcelona. It was built in honor of the Virgin of Montserrat, patroness of Catalonia. This extraordinary building, which construction 42 column and 33 dome resembles its shape silhouette of the mountains of Montserrat and, of course, looks very much in common with the works of Gaudi. The unusual, surreal architecture of the modern age, when every creator tested the boundaries of their imagination.

Be sure to go inside the sanctuary, the entrance is here 1 €. To get inside, you can only 11 am on Saturdays or Sundays, when we celebrate the service.

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Address: T-204, 43812 Montferri, Tarragona
Phone: +34 686 763 239
Working hours:

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, with 11-00

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