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Beer lovers often complain and resent, they think, in Barcelona that all obsessed exclusively on wines, therefore there is no place to have a drink normal beer, except that in the Irish pub, and it too trite and not at all in Spanish. Do not be nervous ahead of time. A five-minute walk from Plaza Cataluña and a few steps away from Plaza Universitat you will find an old beer factory Moritz.

This is a real beer temple in the heart of Barcelona. The brilliant French architect Jean Nouvel has spent about ten years to repair, design and layout of this unusual space, area of 4.500 m2. Factory, opened in 1864 in upper Raval, I began to play with new colors, at the same time is a unique building with a bar and restaurant is a museum, here you will see the old machines for the production of beer, and through a special screen will be able to watch the production process. Be sure to go down to the ground floor, there you will see a lot of interesting.

Beer Moritz produced using mountain mineral water, in the course are exclusively of hop flowers, the end result - the softness of taste and the right mix of flavors.

Besides a large selection of fresh non-pasteurized draft, light, dark and unfiltered beer, as well as many delicious tapas snacks, sausages, seafood, bread locally produced and selected dishes, It often hosts concerts, and yet here is a quick wifi. You can come here for an early breakfast or a late dinner. Restaurant all week working with 6 a.m. to 3 a.m..

The room accommodates factory 800 visitors. The main bar - the longest in the city, 26 m. The average price of a glass of beer - 2 .

In the same building to the right of the main entrance of the wine runs Moritz - Bar à Vins. If the wine you still closer, definitely go here. You will be offered a great wine perfectly matched to them snacks.

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Average check: €€
Address: Ronda Sant Antoni 39
Metro station: Universitat
Working hours: The bar is open every day from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m.

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