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Super cramped, noisy and all of the Barcelona gay bar adored La Chapelle is decorated in a religious style, which is very ironic to gay establishments. The walls are hung with icons, crucifixes and rosaries. There anturazhnye and always crowded, as this place is deserved as the best gay bar in Barcelona.

Cheap cocktails and fun dance music feature to the fact that even the most modest and shy boys will be able to make new friends here. You can drink Aperol syringe, mojito, a glass of wine or draft beer. Location Bar is ideal, just a block from the Axel Hotel and close to all major gay clubs in Barcelona. The most popular time to visit 23-00 and to closure.

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Address: Calle Muntaner, 67
Metro station: Universitat
Phone: +34 934 533 076
Working hours:

Every day from 16-00 and up to two o'clock in the morning on Saturdays and Fridays up to three nights

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