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There is a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, from where you can tum to eat sashimi tuna and salmon, paying all 15 €. This place is called Yoshino and a bit like the Chinese restaurants WOK, Only here you do not need to approach the showcases of food, you just sit down at the table, You read the menu and write down on a piece of paper dishes Room, who want to try. If any dish you want to try to double portion, simply put side by side in the figure brackets 2. You will bring food to an unlimited number of approaches, until you upadana under the table of gluttony.

Service is very quick and friendly. Do not overdo it, understandably, that I want to recover as much as possible 15 euro and to try almost every dish, but we recommend it to focus on sashimi. There may be doubts and fears, how fresh fish is on your plate, if the price is so funny. But, trust, we have personally visited this restaurant many times and never had unpleasant consequences. All the products are fresh and fit for your stomach.

Try as salmon in sauce (salmon con salsa de casa), баклажаны с мясом (breaded eggplant with minced meat), seaweed salad (ensalada de algas), Dumpling steamed shrimp (empanadilla de gambas al vapor), edamame and miso soup.

remind, that drinks and desserts are not included, some of them are slightly above the average, therefore see prices advance. Better to book a table in advance by calling, often in a restaurant full house.

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Average check:
Address: Mallorca 90
Metro station: Hospital Clinic, Entença
Phone: +34 93 439 17 98
Working hours: Every day from 13: 00 to 16:00, in the evening from 2030 and to 00:00
Tip: Book a table in advance

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