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Slowly flowing chat over a hot cup of tea. However, the Spaniards prefer coffee that is served in every bar, but the institutions where a great selection of teas, Barcelona are not rich. Tea La Clandestina - an ideal place for long-togethers for Marseilles, rooibos and green tea with Moroccan mint.

Here comfortable sofas, bright cozy interior, and in addition to tea in La clandestinos homemade cakes, brownies, sandwiches, panini, salad, fruit juices and neck. It is also possible to smoke a hookah. You will not find in the menu or rare species Puer aged Oolong tea is not suitable clandestinos maniacs, this place is for those who wish to relax, sipping tea in a relaxed atmosphere.

On the walls of the institution changes every month a selection of paintings by young artists. Prices are low, about 2,5 € for a tea kettle and 3 € for a piece of the pie.

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Average check:
Address: Reduced Viladecols 2
Metro station: Jaume I
Phone: +34 933 190 533
Working hours: Every day from 10 a.m. to 22-00, on Fridays and Saturdays until midnight

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