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I can not believe that for such a sum can be a tasty lunch. Yes, and on the sun terrace. But it is so. The menu del dia Ovis called "Combo". And it is 6,5 €. One "but" - there are no dishes to choose from, always the first, second and dessert, drink, too, is included in the price. At first most of the cream soup, the second fish, chicken or meat. For dessert, usually served a piece of cake or pie. Combos can be enjoyed at any time of the day, not just at lunch.

Do not limit yourself to one terrace, interior design places very color. In the evening, come here have spring rolls, guacamole and drink sangria and mojito. Sangria is preparing a very tasty. Inside is always an abundance of gay youth who carousing until closing. In the morning it is a good place for breakfast.

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Average check: €€
Address: N'Arai Street, 5
Metro station: Shipyards, James I
Working hours: Seven days per week 10: 00 in the morning until 03: 00 nights. The kitchen is open to the 23:00

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