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Bike - our favorite form of transport, it does not pollute the environment and helps to keep fit.

It's great to know Barcelona, riding a bike. The town is perfectly equipped for this - sloping hills to the congress on the road with sidewalks, almost every corner of the iron railings parking, Special «carril bici» - a separate bicycle path, covering almost the entire city. For this track you can go quietly or at full speed, as you do not interfere with any car, no pedestrians. But still do not forget the lights, rules of the road for cyclists has not been canceled. For the intersection on a red traffic light you could be fined 100 €. Go on headphones with the player, too, can not be. The arrow points in the direction of the bike path, eg, Diagonal Avenue and Gran Via have to travel parallel to the movement of machines, otherwise you will find yourself against the general flow of cyclists. When you drive down the street in urban transport, do not worry, Here we are all accustomed to the abundance of mopeds and bicycles.

Rains in Barcelona little, almost always sunny, and snow and there is no trace. Imagine - a bright blue sky without a single cloud, palm trees, Sea on the horizon, you gently pedal, and at every turn comes up a new amazing picture cityscape, and, of course, numerous stops for photos, delicious and refreshing pause on the terraces of cafes, purchase of pleasant things to remember ...

To protect themselves from trouble, We recommend to park your bicycle in the area of ​​visibility, Do not leave away from you, even if it is shut, because it will not stop the crafty thieves with clippers. Choose - a safety lock, or keep the iron horse in the care of.

Taking a walk around the city, you are sure to see the red and white bicycle parking «Bicing», they are everywhere. Unfortunately, this joy is only for residents, for those, who have permanent residence, to get a card to use the city bicycle network, you need to have a local residence.

But do not worry, take a bike for rent - utter nonsense and worth a penny. The average price of rent for the day - 10 €, and if you want to ride longer, in some skating is possible to agree not to return it at night and store at. Many rental centers organize group theme tours, Unfortunately, always on the same type of patterns. We offer you your own programs, beyond the standard route. You can also simulate according to its own wishes any of the options.

Green Bikes Rental bikes are green, followed by carefully and constantly monitor repair. You will be pleased to pass them around Barcelona. Rental costs 10 € per day, or 1,50 € in time. The key to serve as your passport, driver's license or 150 €. In the presence of children's bicycles and baskets for very young. Strong locks are attached. Rental is open from Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 20-00. You can take a day, Only then park them at night in a safe place.

Average check:
Address: Carrer Escudellers, 48
Metro station: Drassanes
Phone: +34 933 013 612
Working hours: daily from 10 a.m. to 20-00

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