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It is impossible to explain in a few words, what Clubhaus. The main concept of institutions "Food, Art & Play”. What awaits us in this space?

Let's order. In the most fashionable part of the district of El Born area opened restaurant 800 m. This two floors merriment, which can accommodate a bar, a restaurant, club and entertainment zone. The kitchen is divided into two zones. Downstairs prepare delicious juicy burgers, sing karaoke and chopped in Ping Pong. Be sure to try the local veggie burger. This is something incredible. In Silicon Valley engineered protein, giving vegetarian cutlet taste, absolutely similar to meat. She even let the red juice when roasting on the grill. It's the perfect burger for those, who miss the taste of meat, but regrets animals.

At the top of a very different menu, where the combination of a bright Asian and Mexican cuisine. Huge selection of vegetarian dishes 100% gluten fri. Beautiful shot of the watermelon vodka and oyster foam Negroni. Carrots with hummus on the grill of edamame and black currant - a total delight. As for drinks, creative cocktails, Sangria on coffee, Kombucha and many non-alcoholic smoothies. After working up an appetite, you can, playing billiards, darts or mini golf, which is located in the toilet. At the entrance to a terrace Clubhaus, but we recommend to get inside and enjoy plenty of scope, and the original design of this institution. constant parties, concerts, Brunch with unlimited mimosa and other pleasures. Track afishey!

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Average check: €€€
Address: Of. Marquis Argentera, 13
Metro station: Barceloneta
Phone: +34 938 58 84 66
Working hours:

On weekdays from 8-00 to 2-30. Saturday and Sunday 13-00 to 3 night

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