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The club City Hall parties take place every night, but the electronic music plays only on Thursdays and Saturdays, when there are organized the techno party in the framework of the Club projects 4 и Happy Techno.

The height of the fun begins when behind the decks resident club gets Paco Osuna, recognized as the best techno DJ in Spain but it is often played by visiting stars from other European countries.

Quite spacious club Barcelona's standards - you can dance without choking and not stepping on anybody feet, and this rarity in the Catalan capital. Very convenient that the club is located in the heart of Catalunya, one can freely walk up to the bars, to reach here on foot, and complete fun Thursday night or Saturday.

For girls entrance to 1-30 free. Usually on the boulevard Las Ramblas handing out flyers for free entry, without them, would have to pay about 10 euros with a drink.

452681838 1280
Average check: €€
Address: Catalonia Ramblas, 4
Metro station: Catalonia
Working hours:

Each night, but techno Thursday and Saturday 00-00 to 6 in the morning

entrance fee: 10-15 €

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Plaza Catalunya

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