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Methods for treating hangovers are very different. Mosquito restaurant is perfect for this purpose. After overnight turbulent hot asian noodle soup and Dumpling instantly leads to life and energizes. And if you have a particularly bad case, order a mug of draft wheat beer, headache as a hand lift. Beer card here is excellent, except for the dispensing of a variety of bottled beers from different European countries.

It's a small restaurant, where it's always pretty crowded, noisy and often queues at the entrance. But if you go directly to the discovery, surely there is a free table. It is not necessary to come here a big company, institution and really small, all may not be enough places.

You will be given a leaflet with the menu and a pencil point cross food you want to order. Drinks are sounded separately. We recommend to try an appetizer of tender eggplant, edamame, fish, donuts, lettuce kimchi spicy cabbage, crispy duck and, of course, the crowning institution dish Dumpling. Here they are served in three interpretations: steamed, fried or in soup with noodles. Also three kinds of fillings - Dumpling with pork, beef or shrimp.

Price Mosquito more than moderate. For example, soup with noodles and Dumpling, which is hard not to eat, it is worth 6 €. Here you can dine on two spending 30 €. For dessert truffles from green tea or a delicious rice urine.

DSC 0369
Average check: €€
Address: Calle Carders, 46
Metro station: Jaume I
Phone: +34 93 268 75 69
Working hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 13-00 and to the night hours on Mondays from 19-30 until the morning

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