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It is impossible to visit Spain, without trying the famous snack «patatas bravas», which is fed in virtually any institution. Nothing sophisticated in this dish no, this is one of the easiest meals of the entire range of Spanish tapas. But if fried potatoes under the spicy sauce or mayonnaise with garlic "ali oli" to your taste, feel free to go to the north of the city to the bar, Thomas de Sarria, which serves the best patatas Bravas Barcelona. "Bravo" patatas become thanks to his hot sauce.

Book portion of potatoes, mug of cold beer on tap or a glass of vermouth. Enjoy entourage typical Barcelona bar, where everything is simple, old-fashioned and without glamor, or watch from the outdoor terrace of the measured Catalans life. Tourists rarely get here, inside with a bright mixture of locals of all ages, note, that the waiters are still those characters and professionals. In addition to the famous potatoes are advised to try marinated anchovies in vinegar "bokerones", kroketы, meatballs in tomato sauce and a local version of Olivier, which in Spain is called «ensaladilla rusa». And if you are very hungry, закажите "combo plate", a combination of the chop, fried eggs and potatoes of the very, instead of meat, you can choose chicken or pork sausage home. After such a stormy afternoon tasting advised to arrange exercise in the park Pedralbes, there are very nice and also not turistichno. He is in 15 minute walk from the bars.

A portion of patatas Bravas is worth 3 €, more serious dishes in the area 7 €.

Bar Thomas is located in the district of Sarrià. Go here for the purpose of the center gallant taste the potatoes for a long time. But if you were on the north of Barcelona, ​​or you wanted to see, as the Catalans live away from the tourist part of town, make sure you take a look at this legendary restaurant. You can get here, minutes stroll 15 from Maria Cristina Metro or sitting on the train Ferrocariles Catalanes opposite Café Zurich at Plaza Catalunya and get off at the station Sarria.

Average check: €€
Address: Main Street Sarria, 49
Metro station: Maria Cristina
Phone: +34 932 03 10 77
Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 12-00 to 16-00, in the evening from 18-00 to 22-00

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