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"Lights of the brighter, the more the earth turns away from the sun; now the band played music under the golden cocktails, and an opera chorus sounded a tone higher. Laugh every minute pours freer, all wasteful, ready to pour the flow from one humorous witty ". F.S.Fitsdzheralyd

You can not bring back the past. But it is possible for a little while, even for one night, transported into a magical world, described in Fitzgerald's novel. Summer in Barcelona is party time, celebrations and holidays. Wear your most breath-taking dress and go to look for inspiration and adventure in the twenties of the last century.

Merriment music, champagne, the best jazz, Dance till you drop and, of course, nepodrazhaemыy stily art-deco. Style "Gatsby-era" - is superfluous decor, bright lights, of gold ornaments, expensive materials and exotic details. It is decorated in a style clubhouse Gatsby, one of Barcelona's most fashionable establishments.

Gatsby is an elegant restaurant in the New York style, it features a varied entertainment program, cabaret show, gourmet cooking and creative cocktail menu. Luxury, fun and jazz, are the main components of the concept of this glamorous club-restaurant, where people come to relax after a day of Barcelona hedonists, actors, football players and their girlfriends beauty.

In the menu, creative dishes with seasonal produce, refined gastronomy for lovers of fine cuisine. french oysters, black beluga caviar, king crab, steak tar tar. Cannelloni IZ lobster and avocado, oyster ceviche with passion fruit dressing and black garlic. To wash down this riot of taste recommend Champagne Veuve Clicquot, Moet Chandon or the House Perenon, depending on your appetite in the night.

The average bill per person without alcohol about 60 €. Detailed English menus are available HERE.

Book a table in advance. The show starts at 23-00, so tune in for a late dinner. And do not forget, что “A little party never killed nobody”.

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Average check: €€€€
Address: Calle Tuset, 19-21
Metro station: Diagonal
Phone: +34 937 004 453
Working hours:

From Wednesday to Saturday 20-30 and up to three nights

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