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Many tourists confuse the two Spanish gastronomic phenomenon - the tapas and pintxos. Tapas - this is when you bring different portions snacks to wine - chopped ham, cheese, olives, any seafood, etc.. Pintxos - is an analogue of canapés, on a slice of bread creatively combine different ingredients and everything is attached a wooden skewer. So look classic pintxos, but there are also variations without bread, various croquettes, fish balls and mini skewers of vegetables and seafood. Pintxos are meat, fish and vegetarian, they came up with the north, in the Basque Country. This is the most delicious region of Spain, where refined gastronomy and the gorgeous nature create the perfect place to relax.

If you want to try pintxos in the Catalan capital, be sent to the area of ​​Poble Sec on the street Blai. There are a huge number of bars, showcases that attract a variety of pintxos to suit all tastes. Мы советуем бар Tasqueta Blas, where pintxos with conventional skewer stand on 1 euros per share, and a, that with the red tip, for 1,80. It is always crowded, especially in the evenings, therefore it is advisable to come is not the most popular time, eg, the opening of, to sit quietly at the bar and throw a real pintxos-feast.

fun, how the ritual in such places: at the entrance you give an empty plate, you choose and impose their own pintxos on his plate, You order a drink and sit at the counter or table, to try everything. How is the payment? The waiter said the number of sticks in your plate. So honesty visitors in such institutions is an important factor.

Pintxos are ideal for those, who want to eat quickly, inexpensive and varied. And after the meal in Tasqueta del Blai sure to head to a walk through the beautiful parks on the mountain Montzhuyk.

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Address: Street Blas, 17
Metro station: Parallel
Phone: +34 931 730 561
Working hours:

Every day from 12-30 to 1-30 night

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Poble Sec

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