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This riot of gay night life and testosterone from the beginning of the night and until the morning. Club pretty pop music and fun crowd on the dance floor. Most are erotic show with a half-naked go-go dancers.

From the design of the discos do not expect anything special. People come here not to admire the wall. The rules are simple: come, had seen, won! At the club work dark rooms. Dark rooms shelter especially overheated guys. Sex is enough for all. Just be careful in the dark room with phones and wallets, in such places you can lose not only the shame.

Perhaps, Arena is the most popular place for gay hangouts in Barcelona. You'll see a lot of very young boys to 20 years. If you are easily shocked, it is better to go to the more serious places, eg, or a Metro Museum.

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Average check: €€
Address: Balmes, 32
Metro station: Universitat, Paseo de Gracia
Working hours: Every night from 00-30 to 5 in the morning
Tip: The Bar Punto flyers can be obtained free admission
entrance fee: 15-20 € €

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