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The birth of modernity coincided with the industrial development of Barcelona and the flourishing of Catalan culture in the late 19th-early 20th century. The result was a unique artistic language and a large number of architectural masterpieces. This great work of Antonio Gaudi, Luisa Domenech-and-Montaner, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, and other architects of Barcelona, turned the streets of the Catalan city in architectural open-air museum.

Modern also known as Art Nouveau. Modernity and the rebelliousness of this style is reflected in such epithets, as a "breakthrough", «Freedom», "Youth" and "split". A key element in all of its variations were sensual curves instead of angles, implying movement, ease, vibrancy.

The main ideas and techniques of the Catalan modernism are also present in the sculpture, painting and decorative arts. In our 2010 in Barcelona it was opened museum, which collected the best examples of this wonderful style. Он называется MMCAT - Museum of Catalan Modernism. Here, a unique collection of furniture, painting, sculpture and decorative arts. More 350 works of such authors, Antonio Gaudi, Joan Busquets, Joachim Mir, Ramón Casas, Santiago Rusynol, Mikel Bly, Enric Clara, Josep Limón and many other famous artists.

This is a wonderful museum, which will help you understand, as the Catalan bourgeoisie lived the second half of the XIX century. You move into the era of luxury, when every detail, dishes, mirror frame and stucco on the ceiling becomes a work of art.

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Address: Balmes, 48
Metro station: Paseo de Gracia, Universitat
Phone: +34 932 722 896
Working hours: From Tuesday to Saturday 10-30 to 19-00, on Sunday with 10-30 to 14-00
entrance fee: 10 € €

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