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In Barcelona there are about five thousand bars, which gives a huge springboard for pyanok and gatherings of different format. But if you want something special, unusual and magical, come to Dr. Stravinsky, and allow yourself to drink beautifully, delicious and very refined.

At the intersection of two streets dark Bourne opened this bar with a vintage interior and immersed in a mild intimal situation twilight. Already outside of his mystical glow beckons enter the hall, where you will find a real laboratory for the creation of unique drinks, on recipes that work best mixology Barcelona.

The new concept Dr. Stravinsky creators of the bar Paradiso - a cocktail based on home-made syrups and locally grown herbs. The process of creating each drink hit the sophistication and precision of laboratory. If you like to observe the work of bartenders, then get ready for this show.

Gene own distillation, tequila with kinzoy, syrups lime and hot peppers - this is only a small part of the inventions Dr Stravinski. Already rumors, what is the best bar in Barcelona. A's, as you remember, more than five thousand ...

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Average check: €€€
Address: street Mirallers, 5
Metro station: Jaume I
Phone: +34 931 571 233
Working hours:

Every day except Monday from 19-00 to 2 a.m..

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