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In one and a half hours drive from Barcelona is Spain's largest volcanic area, It called La Garrotxa and is a protected nature reserve. You will be amazed extraordinary harmony of landscapes, architecture, amazing calm and measured life of the local villages, where time seems to stand still in the Middle Ages.

In total, in La Garrotxa there 70 volcanoes. The last serious eruption in a conservation area recorded almost 12 thousand years ago. Scientists call the volcanoes in the area of ​​Garrotxa not extinct, and "sleeping", subject to, Volcanoes can wake up. Here you will find many hot springs, mountain rivers and beautiful gorge.

Volcano of Santa Margarita - the card Garrotxa, due to its relatively large size and the small Romanesque church, picturesquely situated in the center of the crater. Here, a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility. This volcano is located near the town of Santa Pau, which serves delicious white beans, which is considered a local delicacy.

During a tour of these places we will visit the medieval city of Besalú. Perfectly preserved defensive bridge of the 12th century, welcomes guests, at one time it served as the central entrance to the walled city. The historic city center is a rich collection of examples of Romanesque architecture. Wander through the medieval streets of Besalú is endless. The town is rich in folk art stalls and workshops of local artisans. It employs a small cheese museum, smoked and cured meats of local production. Besalú was declared a cultural heritage of Spain, it is a real open-air museum 130 km from Barcelona.

Not far from Besalú, at 15 minute drive, located, tochnee and hung on the edge of the abyss, unique village Castellfullit de la roca. This town stands on top of a narrow basalt cliffs, which was formed collisions lava flows. Houses prostroen of cobblestones, cobbled together from the same lava. We will rise to the top of the church tower, which is located at the end of a single main street, view from there is breath-taking.

We will dine in one of the best restaurants of La Garrotxa with stunning views of the valley and excellent cuisine at good price. Garrotxa known for its, the so-called, "Volcanic cuisine". This is mainly meat dishes, grilled. On the whole Catalonia known local sausage and goat cheese - Semisolid, tender, a noble mold on the crust and slightly spicy taste. Be sure to try the local cheese, tomatoes, Beef dishes, snails, rustic bread and white beans.

We are happy to become your guides and show the best places in La Garrotxa. We are taking you in the morning from the hotel and set off to explore the rural Catalonia. Cost of the tour group to 4 people will be 300 € .

Phone: +34 675 323 976
cost: 300 €

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