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All fans of coffee right in unison say that it is the institution Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop serves the best espresso in Barcelona. If you want to wake up, cheer up, and at the same time enjoy a drink from the perfect grind, roasted and cooked beans, be sure to have a look here.

Many complain that if a cup of coffee here to ask for sugar, then look at you as a heretic, because the real taste of the drink can be assessed only in its pure form. Cafe Nomad mixes fresh beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and India. Here you can taste coffee with the scent of green apple, cocoa, fruit or caramel.

Methods of preparing a wide variety, from the coffee machine DC / PRO, kettle HARIO V60 Buono, aeropressa, to more exotic methods such as filtering through the cold drops.

Choosing a small meal - porridge, cakes and croissants. The design of the room - a comfortable minimalism.

He opened the restaurant a real coffee maniac Jordi Maistre, who trained skills in London, and then won the second place in the Spanish Barista Championship. On Fridays there are organized tastings of new types of coffee, in addition, you can always buy any favorite grain home.

two coffee Nømad, one in the open Borne in Barcelona and the other in Poblenou.

Coffee Nomad1
Average check: €€
Address: Passage Sert 12 и Calle Pujadas, 95
Phone: +34 628 566 235
Working hours: Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 17-00

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