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Tibidabo - one of the highest points of Barcelona, and despite the fact, it is not easy to get here, worth it, hence the city at a glance, it extends in all its breadth, alone beauty of Barcelona in front of you, where the eye can see. Nice breeze and desire to rise even higher, there, where Christ, Like his brothers in Lisbon or Rio, opens its embrace of the world.

Tibidabo name is rooted in religion. According to legend, the devil tempted Christ on the mountain, offering him all the beauty of the world. You give! - whispered sly son of God, that sounds like «Tibi Dabo» on the great Latin. enjoying views, views from this panoramic site, you can imagine, how difficult it was to Jesus refuse such a tempting offer, but he did not give in and give us the joy of all the earth, people mortal.

After such a grand event at this place, it was decided to build a temple, which was named "Basilica of the Sacred Heart". Facade temple is configured such, it seems, if the building strives upward, to the heavens. The apotheosis of the visit to the Basilica of Tibidabo will climb the spiral stairs to the observation deck at Jesus' feet, standing on a, even the bravest heart-stopping. Here is dominant 575 meters above sea level will appear all the beautiful world, the god of the people in control.

Tibidabo suggested to go on and capture the whole family with a peak-products nickname, as the top is almost no cafes and restaurants. In addition to the Temple of Sagrado Corazón on the mountain there are many more amazing. for example, here it is amusement park, which is over a hundred years. It is especially delight the little ones, but adults are sure to impress. This is the second theme park, built in Europe and one of the oldest in the world.

In good sunny weather at the Tibidabo, you can spend the whole day. Just over the hill is a huge park Collserola Park, in which a lot of places, equipped for peak nicknames.

In close proximity to the Tibidabo is the TV tower, created by the famous Briton Norman Foster «Torre de Collserola». This futuristic tower, whose height 268 m, It became the tallest building in the whole Iberian Peninsula, and, like Temple, visible from any corner of Barcelona.

How to get to Tibidabo: Taxis to the city center will cost about 20 €. But also from the Plaza Catalunya with 10-30 every morning 20 special bus departs minutes Tibibus. The ticket costs about him 3 €. Он останавливается на углу и Plaza Catalonia Ramblas Catalonia. But there is one "but", this bus runs only on days, when opened amusement park Tibidabo.

If the bus is not, and money for a taxi do not want to spend, We advise to sit on Plaza Catalunya in the underground station in Zurich cafe on a commuter train to the FGC station Peu de Funicular, there are seats, without going outside, on the same ticket for 2 €, on I funikuler, climb on it for five minutes and from there walk to Tibidabo. pleases, it is a very cool walk, because your right is a view of the entire Barcelona.

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Address: Plaza Tibidabo, 3

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