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Walk through the cemetery - entertainment, of course, rather dubious. But there are, a visit which is equivalent to the campaign in the world's best museum, or even more. Montjuic cemetery - a place truly fascinating. Gothic crypts and tombs, stunningly beautiful sculptures and magnificent tombstones with relaxing views of the sea. The atmosphere here is quite extraordinary, breathtaking!

As is clear from the title, this amazing cemetery is located on the mountain of Montjuïc on a beautiful hillside by the sea. At first glance, the cemetery in the usual form, it looks like a little. Multi-floor building, family houses, majestic monuments, clean deserted streets, cypress alley - a real town in miniature. Only the city of the dead.

Burial is different from ordinary graves. When a person dies, the coffin is placed in a special cell of each other, forming, thereby, the very high-rises. "Apartments" in these "houses" are leased for a period of 15 to 50 years and most of them are expensive to lower floors, top cheaper. To the top floors even have a special ladder pristavlyat, when coming to visit the grave of a deceased relative. Interesting, that although these cells and do not close completely sealed, characteristic odor and harmful bacteria is not here, thanks to special technology.

The cemetery was founded in Montjuic 1883 year and it is the largest of the nine cemeteries in Barcelona. Here lie more 150 000 guests. Besides, a true open-air museum with its magnificent atmosphere of a perpetual peace and tranquility. There are hidden almost the most beautiful Gothic sculptures, bourgeois tombs and entire pantheons with family graves. Many famous "residents", among which the musician Isaac Albéniz, singer Victoria de Los Angeles, General Antonio Escobar, and even a well-known drug dealer Angel Franco.

Of course, the cemetery is already overgrown with all sorts of legends and mythical horror stories. they say, in one of the mass graves buried bloodthirsty vampire Enriqueta Martí, which is selected on the full moon in search of children's blood. In practice, Enriqueta Martí - "normal" serial killer of children and the hostess a brothel, known fact, that once he kidnapped children and used them in the most inhumane purposes. In our 1912 Enriqueta was caught and sent to prison, where she was soon killed inmates. She was really buried in the cemetery of Montjuic.

Another story is connected with the funeral sculpture of the early twentieth century bourgeois, who wanted to, that on his tombstone was sculpture, depicting a time, when death comes for him. For greater likelihood sculptor took his lifetime the mask from the face of the customer and the next day finished sculpture. but, her miserable bourgeois did not see, the same night, while still not old and healthy, he died of a sudden illness attacked.

If you want to make your visit to the mysterious cemetery even more memorable, Come here at night. Twice a year, in the Night of All Saints, and with the arrival of spring, here nightly walk. Activities of these are free and open to everyone. For those, who are bold enough, of course.

To get to the cemetery can be on both sides: the main entrance is on the side port, and the other - from the Montjuic Park.

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Address: Virgen del Puerto, 56-58
Metro station: Spain
Phone: +34 934 841 999
Working hours: The cemetery is open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 evening
entrance fee: Admission free €

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