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One of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona is located at the bottom of the mountain Montjuic. You can get here from the city center by foot, and from its highest point enjoy a beautiful sunset. If you like museums, we suggest to combine the visit to the park with visiting Joan Miró Museum, as they are located next to each other.

Officially this park is called Jardines de Laribal, but locals call it Greek Theatre Park, because here you will find a replica of Athens amphitheater. During warm season you can come here to enjoy concerts and other events.

The gardens are usually very quiet, without crowds of tourists. It's pleasant to come here to read, meditate and disconnect from the busy routine. In the summer heat you can always find a shade to hide in, and enjoy the murmur of the fountains and the smell of roses, lavender and rosemary..

The park has a restaurant with an outdoor terrace called La Font del Gat, where you can have a snack,coffee or try lunch menu for 16 €.

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Address: Paseo de Santa Madrona, 38
Metro station: Poble Sec
Working hours:

From 10 a.m. to 21-00

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