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Официальное название барселонского парка кактусов "Gardens of Costa i Llobera" как-то слишком серьезно для этого милейшего места, прогуляться по которому сплошное удовольствие. I am glad that tourists to this park almost do not reach, and if here gets a casual fan of cacti and succulents, then it is usually first long squeals with delight, and then photographed each cactus and themselves on their background.

It is necessary to step through the gates of the park, and if you find yourself in Mexico, cacti of all shapes and sizes surround visitors and amaze. Thorny, fluffy, blooming, incredibly high ... Especially touches the name of the cactus-like round ottoman, it is styled as a "chair for mother in law". Just around the park 350 cacti and succulents.

The Cactus Park is located to the right of the restaurant terrace Martinez near the Miramar Hotel on Mt. Montzhuyk. It offers a beautiful view of the Barcelona port and cruise liners. Entrance to the park is free. To get here the easiest way to walk from Parallel Metro or if you do not want to climb the mountain on foot, transfer to Parallel Metro station on the funicular and walk minutes 10 from its output.

Snimok Ekrana 2016 10 24 V 23 46 45
Address: Miramar Road, 50
Metro station: Parallel
Working hours:

Every day from 10 a.m. to 19-00

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