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Fans rejoice tuna in Barcelona opened a restaurant dedicated entirely to dishes from this delicious and super useful fish. restaurant owners own their own sea farms, which are engaged in cultivation of tuna, so the kitchen of the restaurant gets only the best choice and the freshest tuna toro, each of which weighs about 100 kg.

Preparation Tunateki Japanese side of the menu is on the shoulders of the famous Japanese chef Hideki Matsuhisa of eminent Michelin restaurant Koy Shunka. European recipes Marc Miró fills the restaurant La Llotja (l'Ámetlla de Mar).

Menu in English with prices

Sashimi, nigiri, tataki, tar tare and other delicacies on the basis of the different parts of tuna, including the cheeks. area restaurants 300 m2, but still advise to book a table in advance.

Address: Avda. Diagonal 439
Metro station: Diagonal
Working hours:

FROM 12-00 to 23-00 without interruption (with 16-00 to 20-00 only Asian dishes)

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