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«Chiringuito» is not the easiest word of Spanish, but after, you will spend a few pleasant summer evenings, relaxing in their territory, you once and for all the fancy word.

Chiringuito this cafe, who work only in the warm season, at the height of beach season. In early April, the entire coastal line of Barcelona begins construction of wooden platforms on the sand in front of the sea, which built these places. In November chiringito disappear until next spring.

These come, to eat, drink, listen to music, chat with friends, and a break from the heat, admiring the sea view. If you are sunbathing nearby, Here you can order food and drink takeaway. In this article, we will tell you about the best chiringuito Barcelona and remarkable than each of them.

1) Чирингито The Delicious

Perfect place, to enjoy the beach life and Mediterranean cuisine under the pleasant music. There vayfay free for hipsters, highchairs for family and broadcast live all major sporting events for the fans.

From food offers different kinds of salads, omelets, burgers and hot sandwiches. for example, hot focaccia with mozzarella, ancousami, eggplant, tomatoes and fresh basil. For meat eaters sandwich with pork knuckle, smoked ham, pickled cucumber and mustard dressing. Drinks, beer, wine, vermouth, fruit juices, neck and various alcoholic cocktails. Try the local pinyu colada, Strawberry martini and mojito is very unusual with coconut milk and spicy chili. Prices from 6 to 15 € per dish. Cocktails in the average 10 €.

Detailed menus in three languages

Unfortunately, because of the huge popularity of the Barceloneta beach at the height of the tourist season in this chiringuito often crowd and long queue to the toilet, since they can be used by everyone.

This place is situated on the beach Barceloneta opposite the square Plaza del Mar, 1. It runs every day from 9 a.m. to 2 night.


Phone +34 618 682 380

2) Чирингито Vai Moana

Sometimes it is a bit away from the center of Barcelona, to catch my breath and to disconnect from the tourist crowds and bothersome "servesa-bir-bir-sexy" and "Masach". The beach café Vai Moana Beach Bogatell hang tanned surfers, except this is a beautiful design in Polynesian style, kind staff, Refreshing drinks and tasty food.

Vai Moana is translated from the language of Easter Island as the "blue sea". Here you will find tasty burgers and nachos for a good deep house and the possibility to stay between the cafe and the sea on the comfortable loungers. The menu here is exactly the same, as in the previous chiringuito La Deliciosa, since both of these institutions belong to the same restaurant «Pantea Group» Group.

Chiringuito Vai Moana is located on the beach Bogatell approximately at the height of Rambla de Poblenou, and is open every day from 9 in the morning until two in the morning.


Phone +34 608 324 350

3) Чирингито Bamboo

This is the third beach restaurant group Pantea, which is furthest from the center, that guarantees a minimum and a maximum of people relaxing and relaxing holiday by the sea. by the way, in all three chiringito, referred to, It has the opportunity to book a table in advance, as well as to organize any celebration. Booking can be done via the website or by telephone.

Chiringuito Bambu is located near the fairgrounds Forum, on the beach of Levante, here you can walk from Barceloneta and at the same time meet the entire coastal city line, this walk takes about an hour. If you do not want to walk, You can get here for 10 minutes from the metro Selva de Mar.

It has all the amenities of previous establishments, right on the sand in front of the cafe placed sun loungers and deckchairs, plays nice music. In addition to the above menu for lunch and serves a comprehensive lunch with several courses and a dessert.

Find a Bamboo, if you take over the landmark street Carrer de la Selva de Mar and from it will go down in a straight line to the beach. This beach café is open every day from 10 morning until the morning.


Phone +34 666 935 064

4) Чирингито Be Gay

On the gay nudist beach Marbella you probably thirsty, not only because of the heat, but also on the kind of huge amounts of naked male bodies, which come straight from the gym here boast of the beauty of its muscles and meet new friends.

Chiringuito Beach Marbella barselontsy called Chiringay, there is always a very cheerful and carefree atmosphere. DJs igrayut house, Disco, and in the evening sometimes accelerated to techno. After a couple of triple cocktail crowd breaks into a dance, and let there not the best service and have to wait long for the order, it's still the most fun chiringito Barcelona.

FROM 9-30 a.m. to 18-30 Here you can rent a sunbed with an umbrella or a double bed VIP beach. Of food in this cafe serves good burgers and salads in the area 8 – 10 €, a variety of snacks, ceviche and a protein shake with different tastes for 5 €.

Chiringuito Be Gay is located on the beach Marbella, here you can walk to the metro Poblenou on Bilbao street. The café is open every day from 9-00 in the morning until two in the morning.


Phone +34 931 010 978

5) The Beach Bar Чирингито

In Barcelona there are two beach cafes with the same name. One of them is located on the crowded beach of Barceloneta, and the second is a little further from the center on the beach Bogatel.

The peculiarity of these chiringito in, that opened them known all over Spain chef Carles Abellan, which in Barcelona has about six successful restaurants. Carles decided to conquer the beaches of their culinary skills and to get out of the usual scope of "nachos-sandwich patatas Bravas", are typically supplied in such establishments. For desserts and ice cream in the two cafes meets Joan Escribá, Best Pastry Barcelona.

Children after the delicious sweets and fresh juices enthusiastically playing in the sand, adult and beach holidays will be happier after jug ​​of sangria ice-based sparkling wine cava. From food to try to advise the author tapas, bio breakfast, seviche, mussels and hot dogs with homemade Catalan sausage. Prices are above average, an average score of about 40 € per person. If you come to La Gingeta chiringuito on the beach Bogatell, be sure to order the paella from a nearby restaurant Escriba, located just above the beach. Paella this institution is considered one of the best in town.

Both cafes are open every day from 9 a.m. until midnight. Cafe on the beach Bogatel is directly under the restaurant Escriba, left, if you went down to the beach on the street Badajoz. On Barselonete Cafe is located on the way to the W Hotel.

The Beach Bar Sandra Tarruella Interioristas 2
Average check: €€
Working hours: From April to November every day from 9 in the morning until two in the morning

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