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One of the most fun of Barcelona beaches, This beach Mar Bella. This is a special beach, where most of the boys are going to gay, in a word, This gay beach. In addition, it partially nude beach, so that, you know, bored here will not work.

What is characteristic of the beach Mar Bella, there is always great music in the cafe "chiringuito", a huge number of beautiful tanned male bodies, to smear each other with oil Sun, why the level of testosterone in the air exceeds the limit. Here you can spend hours sunbathing and simply enjoy what is happening around. This beach is living proof, as Barcelona is cosmopolitan and open to all, here any religion is perceived sensibly, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

The girls on the beach, too gay glad, except that families with young children, grandmothers and outspoken homophobes are hardly seen. Unfortunately, the beach is a little on the distance from the center of Barcelona, the easiest way to get here by taxi (about 10 € from the city center). It is still possible to get to Poblenou metro station and minutes walk 15 walking towards the sea. From Plaza Universitat in the side of the beach there is a bus 41, and bus 36 will take you on March Belew from Parallel Metro.

Address: Promenade de la Mar Bella, 106
Metro station: New town
Tip: The only gay beach within Barcelona. Homophobia has no place here.

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