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From one kind of cafe showcases Rekons, followed by glass adorn the mountains all sorts of rosy pies, played hardball appetite. There are young waiters informal kind, and the tables sit no less vivid characters.

If you want to make a tasty snack or brunch with friends without spending a lot of money, this place is exactly like you. And if on a fine morning, take a table on the sun terrace, the happiness is not the limit. Young families with children and dogs are cute squealing around a colorful former squat building pleasing to the eye and remind of the turbulent times.

Pies in Rekons made from puff pastry with various fillings, to eat with meat, chicken, tuna and more refined, such as asparagus and feta cheese, tomato, basil and mozzarella, pumpkin and another dozen of the most original combinations. They can be bought here for take-out, pre-heated or on the house phone. Besides pies are cooked giant salads, sandwiches and all kinds of pots with baked potato, cheese and other ingredients. Evaluate the local sandwich with turkey breast and melted Gruyere cheese on top, as well as homemade cakes from which baldeyut even those who do not like sweet. Pies are here for 2 €, other meals from 5 € and above.

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Average check: €€
Address: Comte d'Urgell, 32
Metro station: Sant Antoni. Urgell
Phone: +34 934 246 383
Working hours: Every day from 10 a.m. until midnight

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