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Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar is the most vivid example of the Catalan Gothic style, different purity and unity of style that are not usually characteristic of a great medieval building. This Catholic church was built in the XIV century, its construction lasted 50 years in which the original project did not have time to mingle with other architectural styles.

The church was built on donations, which were collected by sailors and merchant guilds of the current quarter, Borne. Santa Maria del Mar got its name in honor of the patron saint of seafarers - St. Mary's.

Council structure is composed of three aisles, based on extremely high column. From inside the temple is decorated with exquisite stained-glass windows depicting various religious subjects: The Last Judgment, Ascension of the Virgin Mary and the Coronation of the Madonna.

In our 1936 year, in the turbulent times of the Civil War there was a fire here. Unfortunately, its flames killed the works of medieval art: the stunning beauty of its main altar and virtually all parts of interior decoration of the church. Despite this severe shock, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar survived, he continues to decorate a Barcelona, ​​and it darkened because of the fire walls give the church more mysterious and mystical surroundings. In the church a wonderful acoustics, and there are concerts of classical music and performances of choirs. For 8 € it is possible to carry out the 45-minute tour of the temple in the English language, and to rise to the upper terrace, which can be clearly seen all the old quarters of Barcelona.

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Address: Piazza Santa Maria, 1
Metro station: Jaume I
Phone: +34 933 102 390
Working hours: Every day free entrance 9 a.m. to 13-00, afternoon with 17-00 to 20-00

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