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Mistral Bakery opened in Barcelona 1879 in upper Raval, Now grandchildren Bertrand family work here, owning institution in the fifth generation. In addition to the bakery in a nearby side street of the same name opened cafe, where you should definitely come to a delicious breakfast with coffee, fresh pastries and orange juice.

In the bakery you will be pleasantly surprised by a great selection of breads from different types of cereals, which is prepared by hand in the wood-burning stove. The Mistral baked eco-certified bread of different kinds. for example, unleavened bread made from whole wheat and spelled so fashionable nowadays bread flour Kamut. Of course, the price of these types of bread above average, as well as the benefits for the body and digestion, when compared with the normal of wheat bread.

Cafe Mistral especially worth a try mini croissants with chocolate and ensaimada. Ensaimada is a typical Mallorca bun in the form of a spiral of air test, which, Unfortunately, contraindicated vegetarians, since its manufacturing lard. Ensaimada come with various fillings: cream, angel hair and chocolate. angel hair is stuffed with pumpkin fibers, which after caramelization recalls golden angelic curls.

The spacious cafe you place in the window, sit down at the table, and at the end of your pay check at the cash register at the exit. Cafe interior retains the pleasant surroundings of previous eras, real retro corner in the center of Barcelona.

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Average check: €€
Address: Calle Torres Amat, 7
Metro station: Universitat
Phone: +34 933 018 037
Working hours: From Monday to Saturday 7-30 a.m. to 21-00
Tip: The store is located at: Ronda de Sant Antoni, 96

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