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Every year British edition «Restaurant» is a list of the best restaurants in the world. In compiling this list of participating, both restaurateurs, criticism and chief povarы, and ordinary visitors. rankings 2013 , became legendary Spanish restaurant «Celler de Can Roca».

This restaurant was opened in the Roca brothers 1986 g. near the city of Girona (Catalonia, Spain). The elder brother Joan is a skilled chef, middle brother Josep - a great sommelier, and the youngest Jordi - consummate pastry. The institution operates 30 chefs. Nevertheless, Joan Roca, head chef, constantly monitors the cooking process. It is worth noting, he is the founder of the a huge number of culinary techniques, which are used ubiquitously.

First restaurant Roca brothers was in small spaces, affiliated to the institution of their parents. Only in 2007 g. they built a new building. true, it is just 100 m from the old. It can accommodate 40 visitors. Directly located on the territory of the restaurant 3 now. The main dining room is designed in the shape of a triangle, as can be seen in the table for each 3 stone. All these details allude to the owners of establishments. Thanks to choose the right lighting and mirrors, there reigns a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. Interior design at the same time discreet and refined. Meals are served in a porcelain bowl Rosenthal. Each table service at the same time 3 personnel worker. After the meal,, restaurants offer customers visit the next room, where you can drink coffee and sweet snacks in comfortable chairs.

Restaurant «Celler de Can Roca» known for its unique Catalan cuisine, which are complemented by the innovative ideas of the owners of establishments. When creating dishes frequently used techniques of molecular gastronomy. Besides, described the institution is famous for its original presentation of food. For example, caramelized olives and serves as a bonsai tree.

Interesting, Some dishes are named after famous perfume: «Lancome's Tresor», «Calvin Klein’s Eternity,» «Dior’s Hypnotic Poison» и пр. These names were given by chance, because fruits and flowers are often used to create these dishes. For example, dessert called «Eternity» - a mixture of oranges, mandarinov, vanilla yogurt, bergamot and orange blossom jelly. Dessert «Lancome's Tresor» is an amazing combination of apricots, vanilla, lilies, pepper and cinnamon. Aroma listed dishes like the smell of world-famous perfume.

In the restaurant there 3 various menu options. The most popular is the so-called tasting menu, which consists of 5 dishes and 2 desserts. Its cost is 135 €. The most complete menu is called "El Festival" and includes many unusual dishes. Its cost 165 €. It begins with a series of appetizers, which can be used without the aid of cutlery. All meals are culinary traditions of different peoples of the world. In particular, You can also try:

-Scandinavian cuisine (spicy radish, frozen yogurt, dill);

-Peruvian cuisine (soup of the ceviche);

-Moroccan cuisine (honey, almond, saffron);

-yaponskuyu kitchen (give, miso, tempura);

-meksikanskuyu kuhnyu (koriandr, guacamole, tomato seeds).

Besides, among the snacks there are traditional tortilla with artichokes, brioche with slices of roast suckling pig or white truffle from a clove and orange sauce. One of the most polar salads restaurant includes: chestnut, Kozelets, topinamʙur, sweet potato, beets, leaves and pumpkin pulp, Mandarin and tryufely.

In the world famous restaurant such dishes described, as the language of the sea fillet 5th sauces, cherry soup with tuna, mousse with sea foam odor, citrus nectar in the shell of the cocoa butter, ice cream made from sheep's milk. Exclusive culinary considered red shrimp Palamos, cooked in its own juice with soup of plankton, Goat stuffed with liver, krasnoperyj spar Misa Kreus, Chargrilled of a shaddock juice and citrus sauce. It is especially popular among the cream of pear dessert, klenovogo syrup, nuts and cardamom. Besides, institution offers more 1 thousands of names of red and white wine. And in the cellar of the restaurant is near 60 thousand. bottles of wine.

Interesting Facts

«Celler de Can Roca» has 3 Michelin stars, indicating that the highest critical acclaim.

The logo of the restaurant in the form of the Latin letter «R» with three legs symbolize solidarity Roca brothers.

Restaurant owners regularly take part in research programs at Harvard University, devoted to cooking. Thus Roca brothers are doctors of the University of Girona.

Restaurant «Celler De Can Roca» repeatedly appeared in the British TV game show «MasterChef: The Professionals».

Restaurant released their own perfume called «Nuvol de Ilimona». This perfume has been designed for use as a special effect at the time the customer receive one of the desserts.

Restaurant «Celler de Can Roca» can be considered a culinary mecca of Catalonia. Each of the items on its menu is a real work of art. This institution is able to surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet. After all, a kitchen Roca brothers combines the uniqueness, harmony, creativity, and most importantly it has an individual aesthetic perception. So hurry up to book places, though hardly visit the best restaurant in the world will happen from day to day, waiting gastronomic miracle is likely to extend over 11-12 months.

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Average check: €€€€€
Address: Carrer Can Sunyer, 48, 17007 Girona
Phone: +34 972 22 21 57
Working hours: Book table should be the first day of each month on the restaurant's website or by telephone. Turn on the reserve about a year. Be patient, fellow foodies!
entrance fee: Short tasting menu 135 €, full menu 165 € (wine separately) €

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