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One of the most beautiful routes Via Ferrata * Catalunya is a half hours drive from Barcelona. He laid along the rocks on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, offering an incredibly beautiful views. If you are alone or with friends relax in Barcelona and enjoy sports and outdoor activities, then take the route will become an ideal start of the day and will give a lot of impressions. On average, your route takes two hours, during which you pumped all the muscles of the body, at the same time charged with energy and positive. To pass on the suspension bridge, which interconnect the two rocks with raging waves beneath you, you will need to practice self-control and cross through your fears.

If you have no experience in climbing, the route is much safer to go Guided. Guides Happy in Spain the company gladly guide you along this route, make the best photos and video and tell a lot of interesting parallel. We take care of your transfer from the hotel to the event space, all necessary equipment and gear.

After the via ferrata, we swim in the beautiful bay, to reduce fatigue and refresh yourself, and head in a fish restaurant to quench an appetite by local sea delicacies with wine or cava. After lunch on the way to Barcelona, ​​we will visit the beautiful city of Girona.

* Via Ferrata - translated from Italian means "iron trail". This kind of entertainment mountaineering is very developed in Europe, it attracts a large number of fans of outdoor activities. Via ferrata got its name from the tether and the metal bracket fixed to the rock, rope crossings and bridges, making the movement, in a seemingly impregnable rock accessible even for those who have never tried it myself as a climber.

Cost of the tour on 200 EUR 4 guests - this includes transfer, guide support and rent all the necessary equipment.

Phone: +34 675 323 976
Working hours:

It is best to take this route in the morning on weekdays

cost: 200 €

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