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Photo shoot in Barcelona is bright and full of pleasant impressions event. Our team offers to combine a walk through Barcelona with a professional photoshoot. Photographers Happy in Spain you are sealed in the most picturesque places in the city, casually talking a lot about the local habits and modern life in Barcelona. smiles, bubbles in a glass of coffee, sea ​​views, cheerful mood, and only the most beautiful pictures. You get a great experience, see hidden corners of Barcelona, learn how to pose for the camera and do not be shy.

You can take home souvenirs, wine and other delicacies, but there's nothing like the unique frame memory. A few hours in the company of our photographer, and you are the star Instagrama! If desired, before taking a picture, you can order the services of a professional makeup artist.

Order photo tours of Happy in Spain by calling (vatsapp) +34 675 323 976 or email

Mix For Nika (49)

Book Tours from Happy in Spain by calling (vatsapp) +34 675 323 976 or mail

cost: 250 €

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