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Surfing is one of the most exciting sports and, of course, Perfect for outdoor activities. If you have a desire to get on board and try to catch their first wave, then you can be trained in one of Barcelona's surf schools.

Barcelona's beaches the summer can not boast of a wave, required for surfing, but with the beginning of October the heat recedes, weather changes and dozens of surfers dot the lineup waiting for waves. The water temperature until the end of October, within twenty degrees, that allows you to surf all day in comfortable conditions.

Video, which dispels the myth, that there are no waves in Barcelona.

Known in the whole of Spain Surf School ART surf camp It offers week courses with accommodation, or one-time intensive classes. The main focus of this school is located on the beach in Galicia Razo. Here they have a hostel in ten meters from the beach and its own restaurant.

School Promo Video

In Barcelona ART surf camp cooperates with the center Pukas Surf, which is located on the beach near the hotel W. One day of intensive training (8 hours) costs 90 €, a 12 school hours are 125 €. In addition to classes where you can rent a board and wetsuit. Rent board from € 13 per hour and up to 35 € for the whole day.

Address School Pukas: Passeig Joan de Borbon, 93

The cost of renting surfboards in Barcelona's skating 15-20 €, about the same cost wetsuit rental.

Urban beach of Barceloneta for surfing, but can not boast of a wave, in addition, there are usually too crowded. In search of the "SVEL" calm and professional travel out of town. The best surf spots in the suburbs of Barcelona:

Ла Калета (La Caleta) - One of the most popular surf spots on the Maresme Coast just 10 minutes away by car and 20 minutes by train (get off at the station Montgat). Universal spot with waves of varying quality - from 0,5 m to 1,5 m. Best waves often appears on the left edge of the beach. The beach has showers and a cafe with toilets. In summer you can park for free.

spot in Эль Масноу (El Masnou) protected from the wind, making it a perfect option, when other beaches to surf impossible due to weather conditions. Waves in size from half a meter to a meter in height provide a smooth and easy sliding. It requires special care with rocks. It is easily accessible by car or train to the station of the same name El Masnou. This beach runs a surf school Maresme Waves, where you can rent equipment and receive training from 20 € lesson.

Пляж Кастельдефельс (Castelldefels) at 20 km from Barcelona is also great for surfing. The length of this beach is about five kilometers. From Barcelona by train can be reached here for 15 minutes. It runs a surf school Dunes, branches which are open throughout Spain. The cost of lessons: 30 € per two-hour lesson, subscription to 10 lessons - 200 €. Classes include equipment rental.

Video surf in Castelldefels

If you want to buy a surfboard in Barcelona, We offer to visit one of these stores:

Tactic Surf. huge store, which sells boards for different types of sport - snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. Wetsuits from 95 €, surfboards from 230 €. Адрес: Carrer Enric Granados, 11, метро University.

box Barcelona. Shop for surfing and other action sports in Barceloneta. Constant discounts and sales. Адрес: Calle Pontevedra 51/53, метро Barceloneta.

La General Surfer. Store area 1000 square meters, one of the oldest in this area in Barcelona. Many boards and surf akusessuarov, Wijk board, snowboard etc.. Адрес: Carrer de Balmes, 313, метро Fontana

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The best waves for surfing in Barcelona and its suburbs begins in October and continues until April

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