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Barcelona is the capital of the world skeytovaya, the best city in Europe for this entertainment, real mecca of modern skateboarding. People come here to skate skaters from all over Europe, the benefit of the presence of a wonderful climate, beaches, Youth party, and a large number of a variety of spots for skiing to have a great vacation.

Barcelona is like a "giant skatepark": the city descends from the mountains to the sea, There are a huge number of ascents and descents, as well as numerous area, balyustradы building, railings and other pleasures skater. Throughout the city held cycling track, which is convenient to get from one spot to another.

In Barcelona almost no rain, but still the best months for skiing this April, May and September to October, when it is not too hot, not a lot of tourists and you can ski in a T-shirt during the day and at night in a light sweater. true, summer a better chance to meet the famous skaters, the main spot near the MACBA museum you personally admire their idols or the whole team from the United States or Brazil.

Barcelona police periodically drives skaters, особенно у музея MACBA. It is believed, that skating brings damage to city property, but as soon as they leave, the fun continues.

The main spots for skateboarding in Barcelona:

- Area in front of the museum MACBA. Адрес: Plaça dels Angels, 1, метро University
- Area Universitat right at the subway exit. University Plaza, метро University
- Exhibition Complex Forum. The vast space around a giant solar battery near the sea, метро Forum.
- Garden of the Three Chimneys. Of. the Parallel, 49, метро Parallel.
– Marbella Skatepark. On the beach, where the street ends Carrer Bilbao, метро Poblenou.

And a great number of places, described on this map.

In Barcelona opened dozens of stores, which sells skateboards and longboards. We chose the best of them with the most comprehensive range of:


The main specialization of this store is a longboard. Their collections from around the world are changing every year. This is not only a great selection of boards for a variety of riding styles, but also many different accessories, clothes and other lotions at affordable prices. In the presence of finger skejty, and rollers, scooters and roller shoes Heelys.

All products can be purchased online through store site.

Open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 14-00, afternoon with 17-00 to 20-30. Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 20-30.

Address: Calle Roger de Flor, 10, метро Arc de Triomph

– Tactic Surf Shop

Here a good selection of classic skate costing 30 € to 80 €, sold separately suspension and wheels. It is ideal, to gather a unique and unmistakable skate. This store also sells snowboards and surf boards.

there is Online Shop.

Shopping hours from Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 14-00, afternoon with 16-30 to 20-30.

Address: Carrer d'Enric Granados, 11, метро University

- WILL Barcelona

Also here you can buy or rent a longboard skate for 5 € per day or 25 € per week. Large selection of skate, including a good selection of old school boards. The latest models of boards Santa Cruz. Longbordы dlya carving, kruizinga, Freeride, daunkhilla, slalom and freestyle.

there is shop online.

Opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday 12-00 to 15-00, afternoon with 16-30 to 20-30, Monday afternoon only.

Address: Carrer de la Ribera, 6, метро Barceloneta

Working hours:

Ride a skateboard around Barcelona can be the clock

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