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Do you want to feel yourself in the place of the F1 driver?

We invite you to sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari racing car and drive a few laps on the track Formula 1. Experience the roar of the engine, which disperses a light car like a mini-rocket up to speed 340 kmh, Feel the maximum grip when cornering.

Plan events:

First, a professional instructor will give a briefing on safety, talk about the features of the cars and tracks. You will be given all the necessary materials: a textbook on driving, racing suit, helmet, special shoes and gloves.

You will be taught the basic techniques of safe driving and all necessary, to maximize the experience and enjoy this unique machine.

First you will pass two familiarization laps in a Hummer, instructor will show the best places for maneuvers, points for braking and accelerating.

You sit behind the wheel of your race car and drive through pre-agreed number of laps, with stops for the instructor recommendations.

End of arrival is celebrated with champagne, It issued a diploma.

The cost of the event included snacks, soft drinks and coffee.


Montmelo track or trail Can Padro (two runs in half an hour from Barcelona)

The duration of the event:

You will be on the road around 10 a.m. to 13-00 day.


Since you can come two free attendants, they will be able to see your check-in and view the entire track area, pits and pit lane.

Special requirements:

Have valid driver's license.

Weight Limit 105 kg, growth of 1,50 to 1,95 m, the maximum size of the shoe - 46, minimum age - 18.


In case of rain the event is not transferred, and is carried out using a special rubber for wet surfaces.

The cost of the event 250 €.

This amount includes instruction, equipment, introductory circle on Hummer, 2 circle on a short track (1.7 km), or 1 circle on the long (3 km). Photos and diploma on a memory. After arrival, you will try to use a professional racing simulator.

Shuttle service from the hotel to the slopes and back and support throughout the event Russian-speaking interpreter - an additional 100 €.

DVD video - 40 €

Additional terms 100 €

The choice of the four racing cars:

Porshe Cayman - 300 Horse power

Lombargiini Gallardo - 520 Horse power

Ferrari F430 - 490 Horse power

Ferrari 458 Italia - check on this car is a bit more expensive, 230 €

Unfortunately, arrange such a race at any convenient day impossible for you. Guide track every year allocates for that specific dates.

Calendar races on 2018 year:


14 Martha

16 Martha

17 Martha

18 Martha

20 Martha

28 Martha


4 April

10 April

11 April

19 April

24 April


19 May

20 May


6 June

17 June

27 June


1 July

4 July

11 July

25 July


8 August

15 August

22 August

29 August


5 September

25 September


4 October

6 October

7 October

10 October

16 October

24 October

31 October


7 November

14 November

18 November

21 November


5 December

8 December

9 December

12 December

16 December

19 December

404102 10151086407407865 875046345 N
Address: Camino Mas Black Madonna, 08160 Montmeló, Barcelona
Metro station: Possible transfer from the hotel to the slopes and back
Working hours:

Calendar with dates of the races at the end of this article

cost: 200 €

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