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At the heart of the Gothic Quarter is a cozy cafe Milk, where every day in the morning smiling waiters treat their guests a hearty hangover brunch. For restless clubbers here everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Brunch is served up with 9 a.m. to 16:30. Delicious salads, burgers, smoothies, omelets, pancakes, and for fans of radical measures - the queen of all brunch Bloody Mary. Portions are huge, it is not necessary to order more than one dish per person. Well, after Bloody Mary here and all you can not go, the cafe turns into a bar and parties continued until two in the morning.

Milk has long been the real star of the Gothic Quarter. Irish couple who opened it in 2005 year as a cocktail bar, quickly got to the core of its audience's needs and has added to the already large-scale cocktail menu varied menu lunches and dinners. Here, during the day you can eat delicious salads, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, and more. Original know-how Milk - Burger noodle. This can only try here!

And after dark, the music becomes louder, the people at the bar more and easy movement Milk glass is transformed into a great bar. Selection of cocktails Milk is huge and is fully consistent with the original destination. The menu around 30 cocktails of different alcoholic combinations, tropical fruits, vegetables and spices. It is always quite crowded, so if you want to take a table, come early.

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Average check: €€
Address: Gignàs Street, 21
Metro station: Jaume I, Barceloneta
Working hours: The bar is open every day from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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