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Salad or poke Poke Bowl - typical Hawaiian dish gastronomy, which is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. It is very tasty, bright and healthy dish based on cubes of raw fish or seafood, mixed with seasonings, soy sauce and sesame oil. Served in a deep bowl with vegetables, cereals and other toppings.

You choose the ingredients yourself in Barcelona Poke Maoli for your Poke Bowl. The base may be a wild rice, quinoa or bulygur. After you select a type of fish or seafood, several kinds of fresh vegetables, refueling, seeds and other fine ingredients, as, eg, seaweed, Kimchi, or jalapeno pickled radish. All the ingredients are fresh, their combination will give bright taste sensations. The institution operates as a take away. Plastic container with a poke salad is ideal for pick-nick on the beach or in the park.

The cost of a small Poke Bowl - 9.90 € (300gr) high resolution - 12.90 € (450gr).

MG 0650 1136×757
Average check: €€
Address: Street Seville, 80
Metro station: Barceloneta
Phone: +34 936 317 768
Working hours:

Every day from 12-00 to 22-00

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