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In Barcelona there are flower shop, which is open 24 o'clock. In this hard to believe since the Catalan capital is very difficult to find something other than a few pharmacies room, Pakistani pair shops and gas stations with the products. But if you urgently needed a bouquet at three o'clock, welcome to Flores Navarro.

In this shop a huge selection of fresh cut flowers, and potted plants to decorate your home, balcony or terrace. lily, roses, irises, gerbera, many unusual and rare species. It sells wedding bouquets, cactuses, olive trees, succulents and even carnivorous plants. pleasant staff, ready to talk about the care of each plant separately and create a beautiful bouquet of the flowers, you liked.

Prices for bouquets from 20 € to infinity. Plants in pots from 5 € In the store you can order flowers online at home with free shipping. Do not forget, it's nice to please their loved ones such marks of attention at any time of day.

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Address: Valencia Street, 320
Metro station: Girona
Phone: +34 934 574 099
Working hours:

24 o'clock 365 days per year

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