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Casa Amatller (house Amal) - Barcelona's famous building, architectural style which oscillates between neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau. His current view of the house obliged the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, and, which carried out a project for its reconstruction between 1898 and 1900 g.

Amalia House is located on the PASE de Gracia street in the Eixample district, between two equally famous houses - Batlló and Leo Morera, which were built by Antonio Gaudi and Lluis Domenech Montaner. These three buildings are part of the so-called "block of discord", received this name because of the sharp contrast of his modernist style buildings.

Casa Amatller The house was bought by a pastry chef Antonio Amal and its reconstruction was entrusted to the Catalan architect Puig i Cadafalch,. The building has an unusual stepped gable in the style of the Dutch Gothic, and in the design of the windows of the upper floors of the Spanish Gothic motifs visible. Gallery fourth floor is decorated with openwork columns capitals. Delicate pink-sand color finishes front wall of the building refers to the profession of the customer. The main entrance is decorated with sculptures of biblical themes and scenes of medieval legends, placed above the allegorical images represent music, painting, architecture and sculpture. Above the entrance you will also see an allegorical portrait of the homeowner. Decorating the lobby of the building and the main staircase is characteristic of Catalan Art Nouveau - a combination of stone columns, wooden polotka, lamps and wrought iron wall, lined with colored tiles. The inner courtyard of the house is covered with stained glass Amalie.

In our 1976 by royal decree Amatller house was declared a monument of national importance Catalan. It is open to all who wish to visit, but it is not allowed heels, so as not to spoil the parquet. Sticks also banned for selfie. The entrance ticket for a half-hour visit is rapid 12 or € 15 € per hour guided tour in English (from Monday to Friday 11 am).

Tickets can be purchased online Online House Amalie.

If you do not want to pay an entrance fee, can be free to enter into a chic entrance of the house, examine the stained glass on the ground floor and a room concierge.

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 41
Metro station: Passeig de Gracia
Phone: +34 932 160 175
Working hours: Tours in English are held from Monday to Friday 11-00, Entrance without tour with 11-30 to 18-00
entrance fee: 12€ €

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