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In Barcelona opened NGO Gais Positius, which supports homosexual men and women with a positive test for HIV. You can come here, if you think, that you have entered the danger zone and want to check the status of your health. At the center, you can get tested for HIV and syphilis, the results of which you get through 10 minutes. This procedure is free of charge, completely anonymous and secure, you only need to pre-register by phone. Most often, you assign the reception on the same day. On the site you fill out a short questionnaire with questions about your lifestyle and deliver painless rapid analysis.

If you are HIV positive gay or lesbian and you have a residence in Barcelona, you have the right to access to free health care and delivery of the necessary medication with your diagnosis. It does not need to have a residence, only need a residence permit. You can get more advice on this subject in the center of Gais Positius, In this case, we recommend to come here with someone, who speaks Spanish, as the level of English may not be enough for a complete understanding with the employees of the institution.

If you need help of a professional interpreter, contact by email Confidentiality guaranteed.

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Address: Street Violante of Hungary Queen of Aragon, 156
Metro station: Square Centre
Phone: +34 932 980 642
Working hours: Appointments are requested by phone

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