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Sweet Lovers must visit this magical institution, lost in the narrow lanes Born area. The pastry shop Hofmann baked croissants best of Barcelona, ​​which became winners of numerous competitions. There are the usual with butter and almonds, mascarpone, tiramisu, mango, chocolate or raspberry. Every day there are new versions.

Huge multi-level cakes in the window seduce passers-by and lured into. Opening the door of this fabulous pastry shop, you will cover the aromas of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, berries and caramel. Impossible to resist, and choose something definite is extremely difficult. Besides luxury croissants are many other types of baking, it is worth trying the local Sacher cake, cheesecake and rolls with cinnamon. The cost of each product by 1,5 to 5 €.

We recommend to buy all these charms takeaway and have a sweet pick-nick, lying on the grass in the park Nearby Cittadella. It also bake cakes to order for any celebration.

Confectionery Hofmann was opened in 2009 by famous restaurateur Mae Hofmann, who founded one of the best culinary schools in Barcelona. school style is characterized as dynamic, experimental and creative, this is one of the most famous Spanish schools for future culinary maestro.

Konditerskaya Hofmann0102
Average check: €€
Address: Flassaders, 44
Metro station: Jaume I
Phone: +34 932 688 221
Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 14-00, afternoon with 15-30 to 20-00, Sundays from 9 a.m. to 14-30.

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