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The great master of culinary affairs Takashi came to live in Barcelona in the early eighties. His pastry shop he opened in 1983 year after training in London and Belgium. Since it is here that you can taste the best almond croissant in a city that just melts in your mouth. Croissant this institution was named the best in Barcelona.

A visit to this pastry shop - a mandatory item in the program of any sweet tooth. Even those who are usually indifferent to the baking and desserts, will be delighted.

In addition to traditional Japanese sweets, such as rice cakes urine is made for the classic Spanish pastries, candies and luxurious homemade ice cream. From one kind of showcases breathtaking, I want to try the whole range of proposed. Each cake looks like a work of art created with the Japanese delicacy and attention to detail. Try green tea mousse, cake dorayaki red bean cake, or with the addition of cherry flower. As for drinks, we recommend coffee from green tea. Let yourself be surprised, because the Japanese are able to do it very elegantly.

Prices are above average, but believe me, it's worth it. 80% products for local baking imported from Japan. The average cost of a dessert 4 €. The café terrace is open. Here you can buy the original batch, if you are invited to visit and want to surprise your friends.

01 Takashi Ochiai POST2
Average check: €€€
Address: Comte Urgell, 110
Metro station: Urgell
Phone: +34 934 53 63 83
Working hours: From Tuesday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 14-30, afternoon with 17-00 to 21-00, Sundays from 8 a.m. to 15-00.

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