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Spanish wines are among the best in the world, along with French and Italian. They are more tart taste and strength, which is consistent with the nature of the passionate Spanish. Particularly popular red Spanish wines, although here also produce gorgeous pink and white wine.

Each region of Spain produces its wine brand, the best of which is assigned the status «denominación de origen» - D.O., indicating as the place of origin of the drink, and a special way of growing grapes, production methods and aging. The highest status DOCa (Spanish:. denominacion de origen Calificada) have two region of Spain - Catalan Priorat and Rioja. All Spanish wines is assigned a specific name on terms of their exposure: «Joven» - new wine from this year's harvest of grapes, wine «Crianza» withstand a minimum 2 of the year, «Reserva» - wine, which is maintained for at least three years, «Gran Reserva» stand by 5 years.

So what wine to choose, resting in Barcelona? In addition to all the well-known Rioja recommend to try the local Catalonian wine, because Catalonia is the oldest Spanish wine region, since this drink here began to make the Romans. In the future, the wine tradition has been taken up by the monasteries. Of all the regions of Spain it is Catalonia has the highest number D.O., the most popular of which is the Priorat, И Cava Penedes.

region of Priorat wines are considered the best and most elite of Catalonia, and produce them out of sorts "Cabernet", "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Garnacha", "Merlo", "Sir" and "Carignan". Priorat wines have a saturated dark red, and for their dense tart flavor characteristic of a long pleasant aftertaste.

Penedes Wine Region appreciated for their refreshing fruity taste and aroma. Penedes produce both of the French grape varieties, and from the traditionally "Tempranillo" Spanish varieties. For wines D.O. Penedes characteristic soft and velvety taste, and the most popular brands are «Torres», "Codorniu" и "Freixenet".

Kava - is the subject of a separate discussion. Catalan Cava produced only a few provinces, and the basic production of Cava region is considered San Sadurní d`Anoyya, next to Barcelona. This sparkling wine is also called the Catalan champagne. Production technology of cava and French champagne are very similar. but the earth, climate, Different varieties of grapes, therefore get a taste. Вина D.O. Cava made from grapes Malvasia, Sharel-lo, Makabeo, Chardonnay and Pareyyada. Without this fine drink does not pass one festive meal in Spain.

As for white wines, We recommend you try the variety Albariño from Rías Baixas. This fresh fruity wines with a rich floral aroma. Drink this wine for fish dishes or seafood on a hot Barcelona day - a real pleasure. If you like dry white wine - try the variety Verdejo region Ribera del Duero.

And tourists love to drink sangria. Sangria - a mixture of wine, liqueurs, soft drinks, fruit and ice. it is good, how aperitif, like a summer cold drink, refreshing and thirst-quenching. Sangria is perfect for a beach cafe terraces, but in the restaurant for lunch or dinner is better to order a bottle of quality wine. Be sure to try the sangria, cooked on kava, It's delicious and refined, than the classic version with wine.

In Barcelona there is a fault not only for every taste, but the wallet. The price for a bottle of good wine can be in the range of five euro, even wine can be bought for the price to 90 points Parker. Fine wines are on 50 euros and above. Good Priory bottle costs between seven and twenty euros. For ten euros you can buy a bottle of excellent wine, and for three euros is not bad.


Vino tinto - red wine, vino blanco - white, vino rosado - pink, Cava - sparkling white. Seco - dry, dulce - sweet, afrutado - fruity. In any of Barcelona's wine shop will help you choose the right wine, based on your preferences and byuzhdeta.

Wine tour in the region Priorat We will pick you up from your hotel

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