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Barcelona, when compared with other European capitals, fairly inexpensive city, where you can relax the soul and spend a while on 30 to 100 € per day, depending on your budget to rest.

Breakfast in Barcelona in mid statistical cafe costs about 5 €, it's coffee, apelysinovыy fresh, croissant or a sandwich. Dine in the Catalan capital can be dense and delicious for 10 – 12 €, if you select an option in the lunch time «menu del dia». It is a local version of the business lunch of two hot dishes to choose from, of bread, wine and dessert.

Dine on 20 € per person with wine. Of course, there is restaurants, where one dish costs about 30 €, but this is the exception rather, the average on food prices differing from 7 to 15 €. Paella on average about 15 € per person.

A cup of coffee costs 1,5 €, mug of beer or a glass of wine on average 2 €, cocktails in the bars of 6 to 10 €. Liter jug ​​of sangria around 12 €.

In supermarkets on 30 € you can buy the products for a few days. Very cheap fruit and vegetables, 1 kg of shrimp around 9 €, fresh fish from the 10 to 15 € per kg. Good wine from 3 to 7 € per bottle.

A travel on 10 travel the subway or bus - 10 €, the same amount it cost to rent a bicycle 24 o'clock. Scooter with helmet on the day cost 30 €. Rental cars in the peak season around 50 € per day.

The most expensive is, perhaps, housing. The hot from May to the end of September the price of the flat around 100 € per day, or 50 € per room. If you rent long term, price falls significantly. The cheapest hostels are 30 € per day per bed.

visit attractions not cheap, especially those objects, that Gaudí built, eg, Sagrada Familia 15 €, home Casa Mila and home Batlyo around 20 € each. But there are many free parks and lookouts.

If you save, you can spend 50 € per day, excluding housing costs. Do not forget, that in Barcelona in the summer clothing sales, and it is possible for 100 € good idea to update your wardrobe.

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