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Barcelona is famous for its tolerance, here peacefully coexist people of different nationalities, confessions, and, of course, in this city no one cares about your sexual orientation. Two guys can safely walk in an embrace and kissing on the street, here it has long been the norm, which is why a huge number of gay men from all over the world come to hang out in Barcelona, city ​​liberty and eternal celebration of life.

We already wrote about some of Barcelona's gay clubs and bars, but we never mentioned gay saunas. Sometimes it's fun to imagine, as an absolutely straight Russian man gets to Barcelona in a gay sauna, I am thinking of the standard Russian bath with a beer and a broom. What is surprising is his, when in the jacuzzi surrounded him half-naked cute boys and begin to flirt with him. The poor man will flee from there screaming.

Actually, if you come to Barcelona in search of adventure gay otvyaznyh, a better place, than gay sauna, you will not find. Log in here is worth roughly 16 €, saunas work 24 o'clock 7 days per week. Of course, there is not always crowded. This is coming on Friday or Saturday after closing discotheques, sold out usually with three in the morning and before noon.

After entering the payment you give out towels and you go in the locker room, next to which there is a shower with transparent walls. In the main hall offers saunas, Jacuzzi, dark rooms and cabins. All personal belongings, phone and wallet you leave in the storage room, key of which wear a special bracelet, and on leaving you pay the total score of all beverage drunk in a bar. Cocktails here are the average 8-10 €, about beer 3 €.

If you are sexually clamped, visit gay saunas definitely liberate you, and will bring a lot of new impressions and experiences. But do not fall in love at first sight, many young people here just to make money, a trading, and the majority are simply looking for easy sex with the first counter. But if you are willing to experiment and spontaneous orgies, you will probably be a lot of fun here.

Addresses saunas in Barcelona:

- Sauna Casanova: Carrer Casanova, 57, метро University

- Sauna Condal: Street shake-sacs, 1, метро или Urquinaona Catalonia

- Sauna Barcelona: Calle Tuset, 1, метро Diagonal

Sauna Gay Thermas Barcelona Img 07
Address: In Barcelona, ​​a few openly gay saunas, see the map below
Phone: +34 93 323 78 60
Working hours: 24 hours 7 days per week
entrance fee: 16 € €

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