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The elegant building of the station Estació de França is a prime example of Spanish monumental architecture of the XX century and the beginning of the most beautiful railway station in Barcelona. The spacious rooms lobby, decorated in the style of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, greeted passengers a luxurious interior light marble and tall columns, circular skylights and a bronze openwork decoration. Over seven and twelve platforms rail tracks rise two huge curved cornice of wrought iron and glass, providing natural light. If the note on the ledge at the entrance you'll notice a few owls, these birds sculptures placed here to scare away pigeons.

In addition, French is the only station in Barcelona, ​​which is located directly on the ground, while the rest of the city stations are part of the underground transport network.

Construction of the French station coincided with a period of rapid growth of the Catalan trade and industry, the inauguration took place in 1929 year, in the same year was held in Barcelona World Exhibition, which was attended by guests and participants from around the world to showcase their technical and technological achievements.

It should be easy to look at the station, to feel the spirit of the past and to feel an irresistible desire to go on a journey. From the name it is logical to assume that from here you can go on a romantic weekend in Paris, but unfortunately, it is not so. The Paris train leaves from Sants Station, the most popular in Barcelona and from Estacio de Franca you can go to the South, for example, in Tarragona, Alicante and Valencia.

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Address: Of. del Marqués de Argentera, s / n
Metro station: Barceloneta
Working hours:

Every day from 5 a.m. until midnight

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