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The upper part of the Gothic Quarter headed street Portal del Angel strewn shopping, that attract tourists and locals. If you're tired of shopping, body needs rest, and calm the soul, Pull off the Santa Anna street to a small area, and you will find yourself in a magical place, where it is always quiet and somehow especially mentally. Few tourists know about this secret oasis, so it's a great chance, to get away from the crowd and feel blessed peace.

Back in the XII century on the site was built a monastery, from the time of it is preserved only the church of Santa Anna, one of the oldest churches in Barcelona. The final form of the Church of St. Anne has acquired in the XVI century, when her courtyard was surrounded by an elegant colonnade, where you can admire the still.

Thanks to the excellent acoustics, in the church on Tuesdays and Saturdays there are concerts of Spanish guitar. If you like, the sound of the Spanish guitar, advised to visit local concerts, they are the very talented artists. The concert starts at 21-00, tickets can be bought on the spot, cost of 20 €.

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Address: Santa Anna, 29
Metro station: Catalonia
Phone: +34 933 013 576
Working hours:

FROM 11 a.m. to 19-00, on Sundays to 14-00

entrance fee: 2 €

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